Donate to Water and Sanitation Health 

Last year WASH was contacted by six Guatemalan villages. The villagers explained that Chiquita Banana's suppliers contaminated their drinking water supply with toxic pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers.
WASH visited Guatemala to verify plantation operations and conduct water sampling & analysis.  The water tests showed contaminant levels that were 10x higher than levels permitted by the World Health Organization.

WASH wants to bring clean water to villages effected by Chiquita's pollution.  The clean water project involves a locally made home water filter for each family and health & sanitation education programs delivered to the villages.  Your donation will help make clean water a reality for 1,200 families and approximately 7,000 people.

We don’t pay the CEO anything at W.A.S.H., in fact, we don’t pay any employee at W.A.S.H.  100% of your money donated goes to buying materials and supplies in order to make real changes in lives that need it the most.


If you'd like to make a general contribution to W.A.S.H. that will support all the work we do to help people in need, such as constructing potable water systems, constructing latrines for better sanitation health, organizing and training water committees, training plumbers, and educating community groups on sanitation health and the environment please contact us at or call 206 388 8092.

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